Beef prices, and production, are rising 

Agriculture roundup: Support agriculture when shopping 

Ag committee chairman: Dairy needs united front 

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San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo breaks arena records 

Area ranchers to gather in Stephenville on March 6 

Cattleman’s conference set for March 9 in Canton 

Is This Tomato Engineered? Inside
the Coming Battle Over Gene-
Edited Food

USDA Supports Specialty Crop Industry with Multi-State Initiatives 

Drones are making ranching a lot more efficient

Texas Cattle Ranchers Uneasy Over Proposed Chinese Tariffs On Beef 

Wireless Auto Water

Seven months later, Hurricane Harvey still hammers east Texas ranchers

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A farm program that reduces farmers’ dependency on government subsidies

Over-regulation at USDA is holding back American agriculture

A farm program that reduces farmers’ dependency on government subsidies

Drone Software Helps Increase Ag 


​Wind moves microinvertebrates across desert

​The U.S. 2018 corn crop is already coming out of the ground

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​​Texas Conservation Association for Water and Soil

"Exceptional drought" in southwest
means more bad news for grain

Needlegrass, Feathergrass increasing on Edwards Plateau 

Locals take top honors at Area III Banquet & MORE!

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Agriculture roundup: Farm Bill
website set up

Fumonisin not expected to be major yearly problem for corn producers

New feral hog poison to get field tests in Texas in 2018 & MORE!

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2018 Farm Bill advances from House Ag Committee

The importance of pollinators to soil and water conservation in Texas


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What's Inside:

 NAFTA has helped grow American agriculture for two decades 

Texas Native Seeds project expanding to meet demand ecosystem restoration 

Company recalls frozen meatballs sold inTexas over listeria fears  

Ag Weekly Newsletters

New farm bill discussions highlight Ag Forum meeting in Austin 

AgriLife study sheds light on nodulation in legume crop guar 

Spending bill to benefit Texas livestock and cotton producers