The U.S. is the largest exporter of farm products, 

which account for about 35% of farm income.

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Top Commodities of Texas:

The economic impact of the food and fiber industry totals $100 billion annually.

Texas leads the nation in 

cattle, cotton, hay, ​​sheep, ​​

goats ​​and ​​mohair ​production.





Dairy Products


​​​​1 in every 7 working

Texans is employed in the agriculture industry.



​​Texas Conservation Association for Water and Soil

The full text of the committee’s farm bill draft can be found here.

A section-by-section rundown of the farm bill is available





It's not just "cows, sows and plows." Science plays a vital role in discovering solutions that enable crops to grow and combat the stresses of drought, floods, diseases, and pests. 

Texas Conservation Association for Water and Soil



Few changes for farmers in House farm bill draft

By Jessica Domel
Multimedia Reporter

Protect crop insurance, fix the dairy program and include cotton. You spoke. They listened.

U.S. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway of Texas said the input of farmers, ranchers and dairymen from Texas and across the nation really helped shape the draft of the 2018 Farm Bill the committee released Thursday.

“The entire farm bill was talked about at almost all six of the listening sessions,” Conaway said in an interview with the Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) Radio Network. “Crop insurance came up every time, and the most succinct comment by one producer who looked at me and said, ‘Conaway, don’t screw up crop insurance.’ So I took him at his word to try to protect crop insurance.”

The committee’s version of the bill, HR2 or the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, fine tunes crop insurance in lieu of an overhaul.