Top Commodities of Texas:

Dairy Products


It's not just "cows, sows and plows." Science plays a vital role in discovering solutions that enable crops to grow and combat the stresses of drought, floods, diseases, and pests. 

The economic impact of the food and fiber industry totals $100 billion annually.

Texas Conservation Association for Water and Soil

Texas leads the nation in 

cattle, cotton, hay, ​​sheep, ​​

goats ​​and ​​mohair ​production.




​​Texas Conservation Association for Water and Soil

What's the Dirt?



​​​​​1 in every 7 working

Texans is employed in the agriculture industry.

Farm Bill Update


Cotton growers vs. urban farmers: Bitter partisan fight threatens farm bill

Friction between two top negotiators has magnified policy differences and represents a major obstacle to producing a compromise bill this fall.

Source: Politico

Mounting tensions between two of the lead negotiators on the farm bill are jeopardizing Congress’ chances of passing a measure allocating hundreds of billions of dollars for agriculture and nutrition programs before a new session begins next year.

Texas Republican Mike Conaway, the House Agriculture chairman, wants more money for Southern cotton growers. Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow, Senate Agriculture’s ranking member, is pushing funds for urban farming and renewable energy. Their bitter fights over farm subsidies have deadlocked talks in a conference committee. The 2014 farm bill expired on Oct. 1 without a single face-to-face negotiating session between top negotiators in the three days before the deadline -- a sign of just how far lawmakers are from any kind of deal.

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The U.S. is the largest exporter of farm products, which account for about 35% of farm income.